The 10 rules for excellent writing

Only 6 actually. But I enjoyed the read.

That’s why my first rule for writers is that, as an aspiring writer, you should write every day

Also applies of course to science papers. You will find yourself writing much more papers if you take the habit of writing 20 min or 1h a day. Every day. Every. Day. Really.

[…] you should never send stuff straight to air while it’s still hot. Good writing is a dish best served cold

So true, again. I usually write a quick draft, and then let it rest a few days or weeks, and eventually iterate, correct, improve, iterate and iterate again.

[Source: Maniraptora]


A new take on commenting papers.

citeulike+disqus mashup. Find abstracts and comment on them.

I can’t see it going very far right now, but it’s a good start. It’s scanning the citeulike database to get the abstracts and is using the Disqus commenting engine. I am not sure how a decentralized system like this could be convenient for the users. The main problem I see with it is having the comments separated from the paper. They also need to reach a critical mass of users to make it worthwhile. What I would like to see is using Disqus (or something equivalent) directly with the publishers, or with the major databases (Scopus, Mendeley, etc…).