Outreach, and/or people enough interested in our work to write about it. Cool.











  • “Intelligence de la nature” Science & Vie n°1112
  • “Des matériaux aussi vrai que nature”, Le Temps




  • “Secrets of shells and ceramics”, New York Times
  • “Mother-of-pearl on ice: new ceramicsmight serve in bones and machines”, ScienceNews
  • “Frozen sea of possibilities for joints”, Times
  • “Tougher, lighter and as cool as ice”, Chemistry and Industry Magazine
  • “A sea change for artificial bones?”, Business Week
  • “Seashells provide blueprints for composites”, Materials Today
  • “Os artificiel, l’exploit qui venait du froid”, Science et Vie
  • “Material Witness; cold comfort”, Nature Materials
  • “Nature suggests a promising strategy for artificial bones”, NIH press release
  • “Secrets of the sea yield stronger artificial bone”, LBNL press release
  • ““Materials Science: Making Better Ceramic Composites with Ice”, Science

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