Open Science

I have been interested in open science for a few years now. This has resulted in publishing my papers in open-access journals for a while, and boycotting Elsevier for a few years (not successfully, though). Like many good people, I now believe that green open-access (preprints) is the best way to make things change and provide access to papers to anyone. All my recent papers are thus now deposited first on arXiv. Get them here.

If you want to know the publisher copyright policies & self-archiving regarding preprints and archiving, use Sherpa.

Almost all of my papers are either open access or accessible on preprints server, and I’m working on improving this further, by uploading old papers to arXiv, and depositing all new preprints there as well.

Beyond preprints, we also started to share the code (in the form of Jupyter (Python) notebooks) developed in our work, as well as sharing figures for easy reuse. You can peruse on my Figshare page to see what’s there.