Current group members

  • Hassan Saad started his PhD in the group in 2017, on bioinspired ceramic materials. He came with chocolate on the very first day, which was a really good start.
  • Sidhanth Tyagi started his PhD in the group in 2017, with lots of confocal, microfluidics, and emulsions (not in this order). Watch out for his work.
  • Dmytro Dedovets freezes emulsions under the confocal during his postdoc with us. He loves building things. Hates couscous, though.
  • Felix Ginot also freezes particle suspensions under the confocal during his postdoc with us, and writes tons of Python code. He believes colloids should always be green.
  • Malgorzata Marcinkowska is a PhD student working on bioinspired materials. She is based in Lyon. She speaks way too many languages.

Past group members

  • Jordi Seuba is back to Barcelona after his PhD with us and a postdoc (also with us but based in Lyon). He froze and broke hundreds-if not thousands-of samples. He was in love with flan pâtissier.
  • Moreno Marcellini looked at ice crystals growing with the confocal. He’s now looking for a job in science. He specialized in everything.
  • Cécile Noirjean watched paint dry with the confocal, and it was actually really cool
  • Brice Saint Michel is a postdoctoral fellow, based in Lyon. Based at IRPHE, Brice did a lot of optical microscopy and physics of freezing colloids.
  • Juliette Maria is a PhD student working on the fundamentals of colloids freezing
  • Florian Bouville is now at ETH Zurich after defending his PhD in December 2013. He aligned platelets by freezing, and used it to make some really tough ceramics. A true geek, too.
  • Idris Amirouche did his internship with us. Some very neat work that we patented. He now works for Saint-Gobain.
  • Audrey Lasalle did her PhD in the lab. She mostly worked on the relationships between the properties of the colloidal suspension and the freezing behavior. She now works for Saint-Gobain, but sill provides me with chocolate on a regular basis.
  • Loic Courtois did his internship with us. He did a postdoc in Manchester, after a successful PhD, and then co-founded 3Dmagination. He wrote stuff in Java. Yep.

Cool, kind or crazy (or all at once) people I work or use to work with

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