Top 10 twitter hashtags for scientists

Twitter has become an integral part of my daily activities as a scientists, from keeping up to date with science news to getting advices and building a network of collaborators. It takes time to get started with twitter, and the benefits (in my case) only appeared after a quite long period of practice. Beyond your own list of people you follow, hashtags are a terrific way of finding great content on twitter. Here’s my top 10 list of science-related hashtags that I use and check regularly.

  1.  #icanhazpdf. Don’t have access to the paper you want to read ? Ask your kind fellows on twitter if anyone haz access to it. Be aware that you’re crossing a line here. Read this first.
  2.  #scholarsunday. Scholars don’t work on Sunday, right? RIGHT ? It’s therefore a great time to update your following list and find great people to follow on twitter. #Scholarsunday will point you to relevant accounts.
  3. #OA and #openscience. Open-access and open science related tweets. Very active.
  4. #scicomm. Science communication tweets. Also very active.
  5. #figureclub. Designing a figure for your next manuscript and want to get some feedback ? Tweet your figure with #figureclub. I wish more people were using it.
  6. #realtimechem. A very popular hashtag for chemists. There’s even a twitter account for it now: @RealTimeChem
  7. #chemophobia. Self-explanatory. Keep track of irrational chemophobic tweets.
  8. #acwri , #acwrimo, and #GetYourManuscriptOut. Procrastinating ? Need motivation to get your manuscript written ? You’re not alone.
  9. #SciArt. The intersection of science and art. I use it to tweet scientific pictures with are simply beautiful.
  10. #ecrchat, #phdchat. Generic chit-chat on early-career research and Phd.

Bonus:  #emojiresearch, #overlyhonestmethods. And finally, when you just need some distractions from your intense brain activity, just head towards these popular hashtags, for a different way to explain your research, or science-related semi-private jokes. Have fun.

Share your favorites in the comments !

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