An extremely portable microscope

Love it.

We’ve also seen lots of physical additions to the iPhone camera. You can get wide-angle lenses, telephotos, and even a 12 xmicroscope lens. But a team of researchers at UC Davis has one-upped the competition by making the iPhone into a 350x microscope for very little money.

The original PLoS One paper is here. I am longing for an integration of something like ImageJ in the iPhone. You would end up with a terrific tool.


3 thoughts on “An extremely portable microscope

  1. Hello there,

    Ok, question. I have been looking to buy a new microscope to use mostly as a hobby. I have searched around and read quite a few reviews. I found one scope on, i believe it was the OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Compound Microscope. It seems more of a professional level scope but i think it will last a long time. Do you happen to have any experience with this scope or could you recommend something that would last quite a while and not break the bank?


    • thanks for your question. I have no idea about such microscope (although I’m considering getting one for the kids, in the future, so thanks for the link !). The microscope we have in the lab is a confocal microscope that costed us north of 200k€, not really what you’re looking for :/

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