Delicious, my favorite bookmark site, has (finally) been updated. Introducing the concept of “stacks”, a collection of bookmarks related to a topic.

Select some related links, plug them into a stack and watch the magic happen. You can customize your stack by choosing images to feature, and by adding a title, description and comment for each link. Then publish the stack to share it with the world. If you come across another stack you like, follow it to easily find it again and catch any updates

Interesting concept, but a bit tedious if you want to create stacks from scratch and have a looooong list of bookmarks. They clearly focus on sharing, more than organizing your own collection.  The homepage now looks a lot like Flipboard.

I don’t like the way tags are presented now. Only a few of them appear on the right hand side, which makes it more difficult to navigate through your collection. I’ll dig around to see if there is more. I guess they made this choice to favor the stacks.

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