Online profile usage of a paper

Some interesting statistics, released from Angewandte Chem. I found the profile usage of a paper particularly interesting. Apart from the fact that you have a vert short window to get notice, the most intense activity is found when the paper first appear online. There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. Researchers checking out the Angew Chem website every day or so.
  2. Researchers using RSS to keep up to date, as I mentioned earlier.

I am certainly not representative, but I don’t know anyone checking everyday journal’s websites for new papers. Which means that the number of RSS feed subscribers must be somewhat consequent. For a different perspective, the open access journal Materials is providing statistics for each published paper. Here are the statistics for a paper I published last year. No peaks at the beginning, I guess that’s the difference between a high profile, well established journal and a new open access one.

From In the Pipeline.

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